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The Dr. Oz Show Breaking News: New R. Kelly Charges Related to Illegal Marriage to Aaliyah (HD, New, TV-PG) R. Kelly's first accuser discusses the grooming process she experienced; the story of a woman who allegedly murdered her two young kids is discussed.
Judge Judy Officer Byrd's Birthday Gift to the Judge!; Trash or Treasure Hunters! (HD, New, TV-G) A teenager allegedly steals a car and crashes it two blocks from his home; former business partners argue over the value of property.
Judge Judy Racing Motorcyle Rip-Off?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man says a mechanic defrauded him by failing to put the proper parts on his motorcycle, so Judge Judy attempts to determine which party is at fault.
Days of Our Lives (HD, New, TV-14) Kate blasts Sonny when she finds out that he kissed Evan; Nicole attempts to comfort Eric; Sarah and Eric make a big decision to help their daughter.

Petticoat Junction Dog Days at Shady Rest (TV-PG) Concerned about his beloved pet dog's behavior lately, railroad president Norman Curtis makes the decision to send his canine off to the Shady Rest Hotel.
Petticoat Junction A Millionaire for Kate (TV-PG) When Kate Bradley's old friend from school visits, she discovers he is now a millionaire, but Uncle Joe is suspicious and thinks he may be a con artist.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Care and Feeding of Parents (TV-PG) After her daughter puts together an exemplary school composition, Phyllis pressures Mary into approaching a publishing company in her building.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Where There's Smoke, There's Rhoda (TV-PG) An accidental fire in her apartment leads Rhoda to ask Mary for temporary housing, but the friends soon begin to wear on each other's nerves.
The Bob Newhart Show The Battle of the Groups (TV-PG) Bob decides to take two therapy groups on a weekend retreat, but little progress is made thanks to his patient's complaints about their living conditions.
The Bob Newhart Show The Great Timpau Medical Arts Experiment (TV-PG) When Jerry tries to start a co-op among the building's doctors, Bob finds himself trying to mediate arguments during free, all-doctor group therapy sessions.

« The Street with No Name (TV-PG, NR, ***) A young agent is sent undercover in an investigation of multiple murders and gets involved with the psychotic mastermind of a criminal organization.
Dangerous Passage (TV-PG, **) A man living in Central America stands to inherit $200,000 from his recently deceased grandfather, but soon finds himself the target of crooks after the money.
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